Tonic Alchemy 91 in 1 - The Ultimate Superfood Drink Mix


All natural organic drink mix with 71 orgranic herbs, superfood, vegatables, and sprouts. Also contains 20 remote sourced tonic herbs selected to be ultra clean. 


Contains 11 probiotically digested fermented superfoods and herbs

fermented super food

Also contains sea vegtables which are rich in minerals. Contains 45% fucoidan which fortifies the immune system. It also helps the body to detoxify from heavy metals. 

tonic alchemy sea vegetables fucoidan



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  • Does this contain any sugars? Stevia? Thank you.

    It only contains 1g of sugar. There is no sugar or sweeteners added at all. It simply contains 91 herbs and superfoods. It is extremely clean. There is no stevia.