Peppermint Cocoa Powder- Cocoa Cravings 8 oz


Refreshing and full of antioxidants

This drink mix infuses the stimulating taste of mint with the robust chocolate taste of organic cocoa to make this seasonal friendly drink. Some wouldn't classify mint as a nutritious or healthy, but mint has been shown to be a remedy for digestive problems and stomach cramps for centuries. It's most common use course it is a natural breath freshener, but it is also a natural diuretic and has been used to relieve IBS. Simply add two tablespoons to a little warm water or milk and mix well, or top with cold water or milk and drink! This versatile mixture is also a great addition to a smoothie or dessert recipe.

Ingredients: Chocolate, Cocoa Powder*, Soy Powder*, Vegan Chocolate* (Cocoa*, Soy Lecithin*, Evaporated Cane Juice* and Stevia*), Peppermint Powder*, and a Proprietary Blend of Ayurvedic Spices. *certified organic



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