Chaga Tea


Refered to in asian culture as "The King of Herbs", "Gift from God" amd "The Mushroom of Immortality" Chaga has been used for 2000 years for its diverse healing and anti-aging properties. Chaga is a mushroom which grows on birch trees. It is known to support the immune system, stimulates the central nervous system, it is antifungal, antiviral, is the most powerful natural antioxident known to mankind. Based on the ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) scale which tests how good a substance is at absorbing free radicals, chaga has over 1100 ORAC units per gram! To put that into perspective, the FDA recommended dose of ORACs is only 4-13 units a day. Blueberries have 24 ORACs per gram, pomegrantes 105, acai 165.


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