Food Combining Guide Chart by Dr Wayne Pickering 20" x 24"



"The Food Combining Guide"


A beautiful 20" x 24" custom-laminated full-color guide for Healthy Eating which PROPERLY classifies FRUITS, VEGETABLES, and PROTEINS to show the most Compatible Combination for Finest Digestion!


  It also shows:

When Foods are in Season & which foods are Complete Protein

The Time it takes for each food to Digest & All the Foods to Avoid

The Acid / Alkaline Balance of each food after they've been digested properly

The 5 Health Builders & The 5 Health Destroyers

The 10 Golden Rules of Eating & The 7 Proper Food Combining Rules



Since I purchased your ‘The Food Combining Guide’, I have experienced some amazing results! So now it’s out the window with some 28 years of improper nutrition, NEVER Dreaming in that time that Bad Food Combinations were the cause of my belching, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea, etc. I’m looking forward to a long healthy life and I owe it all to you and your ‘The Food Combining Guide’. THANKS SO VERY MUCH!

Robert Boovy

Metairie, LA


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