Fennel Tummy Tea Bags Can (Heathers) 45 ct


Heather’s Tummy Tea™ Organic Fennel
A medical food for the dietary management of IBS.
Fennel is an ancient herb with a mild licorice flavor that,
through dietary management, helps relieve IBS symptoms,
including bloating, gas, and intestinal spasms.
Clinical studies have shown that, as part of the diet, fennel
helps regulate contractions of the small intestine and aids
gas expulsion. Fennel also relaxes the gut, which can relieve
spasms of the GI tract. As a result, fennel assists in the dietary
management of IBS bloating, gas, and abdominal pain.
Heather’s Tummy Tea™ Organic Fennel is unique because
it is formulated to contain a very high volatile oil content;
it is harvested and packed to be as fresh as possible; and it
is processed for minimal volatile oil dissipation. It is the
volatile oils in fennel that make it so effective for the dietary
management of IBS symptoms and for immediate bloating

Fennel’s primary volatile oils are anethole, fenchone, and
estragole. Anethole is known to have a relaxing effect on the
intestine. Fennel also has antioxidant properties.
This tea is packed in a generous quantity because it is meant
to be used daily as a medical food for IBS.


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