Ldm-100 2 Oz/60 Ml (Barlow) 2oz


LDM–100 is a broad spectrum plant antibiotic, Virastatic, Bacteriostatic, Fungicidal, 
(Influenza, colds, respiratory and urinary infections, Staph and strep infections, difficult viral infections, Lansing, Polio, E.B. Infections, fungus infection, skin infection, warts, etc.) 

Viral Infections: Used for Epstein- Barr virus, herpes, colds, influenza, trachoma,
Lansing polio virus, meningitis, etc.

Bacterial infections: Lymes disease, pneumonia, urinary and pulmonary infections,
staphylococcus and streptococcus infections.

Fungus Infections: candida albicans, intestinal infections, athlete's foot, 
finger and toenail infections, and most east infections when mixed with a douche.


LDM-100 is composed of a single herbal extract (Leptotaenia dissecta var. multifida)
employing a special processing technique. It is virustatic, fungicidal, and bacteriocidal/bacterio-static. 
This non-toxic antibiotic extract is one of the most important infection fighters in existence. 
Ldm-100 is extremely effective because of the presence of immune-stimulating polysaccharides. 
(Study by Wakeman, 1925) LDM-100 has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial activity, 
according to investigations. LDM-100 easily penetrates the virus coat as well as bacterial, yeast,
and animal cells, demonstrated in vitro (in the test tube) and in vivo (in the body).

One of the marvelous properties of LDM-100 is that there is no toxicity level. 
Start out at 5-10 drops three times a day - to 3-5 droppers full per day. Increase the dosage until 
the desired results occur.
First four days usage: one-half dropperful, four times a day. 
Second four days: one-half dropperful twice a day. 
It may be taken directly with the dropper, or put into water or juice.

Note: In water it will take on a slightly milky appearance.


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