Photon Light Shaker - Near infrared red light therapy LED


The PHOTON SHAKER is an INEXPENSIVE Phototherapy Instrument, that contains the LED Engin 5 Watt Deep Red (near-infrared - 660 nm) Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.), plus a DC-to-DC Boost L.E.D. Driver Circuit, that causes it to emit a HI or LO SOLID or HI PULSE (8.5 pps) Monochromatic Deep Red (near-infrared - 660 nm) Light (zoomable from spot to wide) Beam. This SPECIFIC Light Frequency has been found by Health Researchers and Practitioners to have a POWERFUL STIMULATING Effect on the Cells of the Body, making the PHOTON SHAKER an invaluable AID to your HEALTH and WELL-BEING! This Effect is initiated, when the Monochromatic Deep Red (near-infrared - 660 nm) Photons from the PHOTON SHAKER STIMULATE the Cell's Photoreceptors, and then STIMULATE the DNA to START the "HEALING" Process! The SOLID Deep Red (near-infrared - 660 nm) Beam is shined onto a SPECIFIC Acupuncture Point, Trigger (center of pain) Point &/or Reflex Point or onto a LARGE affected Body Area (i.e. - Skin, Joints, Involved Muscles, Tumors, etc.).

The PHOTON SHAKER is simliar to a Laser, because it emits a Monochromatic (single color frequency) Deep Red (near-infrared - 660 nm) Light Beam like a Laser, but isn't EXACTLY like an ACTUAL Laser, because the Light Beam isn't Coherent (In-Phase), and that makes it SAFE to be used even in the Eye Area (closed eyelid). Besides, Researchers have found that the MOST IMPORTANT Factors with either Light Therapy Device is the Monochromatic Light, Power and Exposure Time.

The PHOTON SHAKER is being offered to you as an INEXPENSIVE way to advise your Body, that the TARGETED Area that you're probing, NEEDS ATTENTION! Upon receiving Exposure to the Deep Red (near-infrared - 660 nm) Wavelength of the PHOTON SHAKER, your Mind and Body's Defense System comes into play and employs the NECESSARY Activities to address the initial CAUSES of the Pain or DIS-EASE, which may have been brought about by Mechanical, Chemical, Electromagnetic, Psychological and/or Pathogenic STRESSES.


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