Nutrex Spirulina Pacifica Powder 16 oz


When the headline Spirulina: New Diet Aid appeared in a national publication in Sept., 1981,
the world first took notice. Within two months the Spirulina market in the U.S. skyrocketed!

Spirulina is now a staple in many supplements,
since it is so rich in beta carotein, other nutrients, protein.
It is thereby very filling, and satisfies hunger.
Spirulina is a great source of protein.
And therefore, it is great for vegetarians.
In fact, Spirulina belongs in every diet.
The spirulina flakes are great for adding to smoothies, and the tablets are great for chewing
(unless you don't like green teeth - in that case, you better swallow).

Combine with other foods:
Mixed with other foods, spirulina flakes (or powder) can add many nutrients to your diet.
Add it to popcorn, eggs, soups, brown rice dishes, pasta, or use your imagination. Adding Spirulina to any food can increase its flavor, nutrient value & balance.

Spirulina tastes good (for some of us)!
Spirulina is so rich in protein that if you were to drink some flakes, or powder,
or chew on some tablets, you might find that you get sort of a cheesy kind of feeling in your mouth. What is a cheesy feeling ? Well it's sort of a protein feeling,
the same kind of feeling one gets when one also eats a nut very high in protein,
such as the pignolia (pine nut), the black walnut, or the macadamea nut.
Protein powder can produce a similar effect.


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