Natural Eyes Pinhole Glasses (Black No Packaging)


If your vision has weakened or if you are a corrective lens user, you are aware of the importance of clear vision and healthy eyes. Vision is, in fact, the major link between the brain and the outside world. Because more than 80% of all experience comes through the eyes, vision is the key to reading, education and a better life. Therefore, our eyes must be cared for and should not be taken for granted. The Natural Eyes Vision Training Program is designed to help you relax and exercise your eyes in a gentle and natural way.


  • Wear for 15 minutes or more per day to stregthen vision
  • Comes with a book which explains exercises you can also do to improve your eyesight
  • To receive maximum benefit, wear the pinhole glasses 15 minutes or more a day 
  • Works to improve both nearsightedness(myopia) and farsighteness(hyperopia)
  • You may use them to stregthen your eyes while doing other activities such as walking or reading


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