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Information from Dragon Herbs:

The pan-fried seed of Zizyphus spinosa, a close relative of the Jujube date, has reliable natural sedative properties. Fried Zizyphus seed is the primary sedative herb used in Chinese traditional herbalism and is very commonly used as a folk herb. 

Shennong’s Classic (100 A.D.) describes Zizyphus seed this way: “Zizyphus has a balanced energy, being neither too warming nor too cooling. The taking of this herb over time can calm the five viscera, make the body light, and prolong life.”

As stressed by a famous physician of the Ming Dynasty: “The insufficiency of genuine Yin, Jing and blood will cause disconnection of Yin and Yang, thus disturbing the peace of Shen resulting in disturbed sleep.

The heart shelters the Shen and is the house of the Yang. Sleep occurs when the Wei Qi enters the Yin and creates a quiet environment. When the Yang has a home to return to, sleep will ensue.

When the heart is disturbed by worry and shakes Shen, restlessness occurs, which causes poor sleep.” Zizyphus is used to help assure that the Yang has a “home” to return to by nourishing the Yin and blood of the heart and liver. Modern researchers now know that Zizyphus seed contains unique triterpenes, known as jujubosides, which are believed to be largely responsible for the gentle non-addictive sedative action of this herb.

The jujubosides are nearly identical to triterpenes found in Reishi, an herb that is traditionally used as a mildly sedative tonic. Zizyphus is reported to have very low toxicity when taken orally, and is widely used in China as a single herb, at bed time, to promote normal, relaxed, sound sleep.

Ingredients: Roasted Zizyphus seed, Red Jujube Dates

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