Chrome Chiming Chinese Exercise Balls (Baoding 45mm)


**All Chinese balls sold in pairs (unless noted)**

One of the reasons is to provide a soothing tone to help you relax, that is until you become a Master! You know
you have reached Master status when you can turn them around in your hand without hearing the chiming.

A note from Phil Wilson
Owner of Momentum98

Here is my explanation of how to use the Balls:
**Note: I use the old English terms Crook and and Pluck**

First we have to give some definitions:
Picture a hand.
Let's choose the right hand.
We have the palm, the thumb, and 4 fingers.

We will define the palm as Plateau 1.
The space between the little finger, and finger next to it, the 2nd finger: we will call this Plateau 2.
Similarly, the space between the middle finger and the index finger: we will call this Plateau 3.

** Most people only practice Stage I - simply moving the Balls around in their hand.
Stage II (which I describe below ) challenges the hand with crook and pluck techniques in order to practice with the Balls without allowing them to touch each other. There are more advanced stages of using the Chinese Exercise Balls.

Stage II

Stretch your right hand out, where the fingers are extended.
Put one Chinese Exercise ball (Ball 1) in the palm of the hand (Plateau 1).
Place the other Chinese Exercise ball (Ball 2) toward the tip of the middle and index fingers (Plateau 3).
Keep as much space as possible (2" if possible) between the 2 balls.
Now slowly put your thumb on Ball 2 so that the 2 fingers and the thumb are holding it in place.
At the same time, close your hand so that the two little fingers are grasping the ball in your palm.
Keep as much space between the two balls.

Now release Ball 1 with the two little fingers - tilting your hand so that Ball 1 falls onto Plateau 2.
Use your middle finger (at first) to keep the two balls from touching (by coming forward with it and almost touching the palm of the hand) while the thumb and index finger are still grasping Ball 2.
Once this is done, you can straighten out the middle finger, and then use the index finger and the thumb to "throw" Ball 2 into the palm of the hand (Plateau 1).
The result: You now have one ball (Ball 1) on Plateau 2.
A nd the other (Ball 2) in the palm of the hand (Plateau 1).
Now slide Ball 1 from Plateau 2 to Plateau 3 - and repeat the process, slowly.
Eventually, you can gather up speed.

Remember: for best results, let the balls on Plateaus 2 & 3 be as close to the tips of the fingers as possible, and try to keep as great as distance as possible between the two balls
so that they do not touch.

When doing the exercise "properly" (with maximum stretching - don't just crook!) you can feel the muscles in the hands, wrist, arms and shoulder all being exercised.

Remember: No crooking without Stretching!



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