Full Spectrum Infrared vs Far Infrared Saunas.


The use of the term "full spectrum infrared” is a marketing tactic used by sauna manufacturers that cannot achieve the purity of infrared output in their saunas to match the Relax far infrared sauna.


Far infrared is the form most absorbable by the body. For example, far infrared is used in baby incubators in the hospitals, it is also used for chicken egg incubators. The Relax sauna uses the same far infrared generators that are in the Sky-Eye FDA registered medical grade far infrared lamp.

far infrared energy

The Relax sauna generates 95-98% pure far infrared. Other saunas on the market do not have the technology to put out this level of purity and so they simply call it "full spectrum" infrared. Near infrared is the harsher form that some call "toaster oven" or “hair dryer” energy. Your body cannot absorb it as readily and so it heats the skin more rather than penetrating the body like far infrared does. Studies have shown that near infrared can increase skin aging and therefore the designers of the Relax Sauna purposefully designed the radiators of the sauna to minimize near infrared and maximize far infrared output. See this video(the part about the generator begins at 5 minutes in).



We have many customers who have owned other infrared saunas and then purchased a Relax sauna after trying one out at a show or at our store. 
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Here is a page from our new website explaining how the Relax Sauna is different than other saunas. 


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The Relax Far Infrared Sauna comes in either sit-up or lie-down configurations  



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