Quatum Age Stirwands - Quantum Water

One of the Most Exciting Water Discoveries of the 20th & 21st Centuries !

We are an “Authorized Quantum Age Water Stirwands™ Distributor” and have been selling the Quantum Age Stirwands since August 2007.

A do-it-yourself technology that converts drinking water to more hydrating, more oxygenating water!

Hydration technology based on the Nobel prize-winning discovery of aquaporin channels.

The 8 Stirwands:
all 8 wands
45 day money back guarantee.  Five year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
 8 Stirwands™  were created.  See the descriptions below.
Each will  make the water or liquid you drink  more hydrating

The Original Stirwand:  The Blue Violet Stirwand

The Stirwand (Blue Violet) - This Stirwand is the basic wand for your drinking water, or for your bath tub. The water changes the "old water" in the cells and the holographic information that is kept in there.
Lab-results show that water treated with the Quantum Age Water Stirwands enhances hydration into the body with  a 28.5% increase in 30 days, a 10.25% increase in blood level oxygen in 14 days, and an 18.2% Reduction of cellular toxins in 90 days.

The Other 7 Stirwands™;

Olympian Stirwand (Turquoise) - The Olympian Stirwand is for optimizing athletic performance.
It also enhances hydration coming into the cells and yields higher measurements of oxygen in the blood.

Zen Master Stirwand (Purple) - Very useful for 'quiet time', relaxation, during exams, meditation, meetings etc.  It helps you to stay in balance and enables you to focus on your goals. Just drop in bath water when filling and leave in until the end of your bath. Hydrating and Oxygenating. You can use directly on your body to relax or to balance.

(Zen Master Stirwand in simulation of a bath)

This is actually an acupuncture doll in a plastic tub, simulating that you can put the zen (or any of the) Stirwand™ in the bathtub.  The Zen Stirwand should add additional relaxation to your bath, as would any of the Stirwands.

Warm Heart Stirwand (Rose) - This Stirwand is used for opening the heart chakra.

Guardian Stirwand (Orange) - For stabilizing, grounding and strengthening.

Illuminator Stirwand (Yellow) - For stimulating mental clarity and inspiration.

Gardener Stirwand (Amber) - The Gardener Stirwand has been designed to enhance the vitality of your house plants, fresh fruits, vegetables and garden plants. Place on top of your fruit, veggies etc. and stir in water before watering your flowers and plants.

Gourmet Stirwand - (Clear) - This Stirwand enhances the flavors and the vibration from food and beverages.   Just stir to taste or place on top of your food.
For richer coffee, tea and juices. Stir it in your wine and soup and use when preparing food.

Each Stirwand now comes with a clear carrying case
(made of the same surgical-grade polymer as the Stirwands)
to protect your Stirwand from the elements (purse dust, pocket dust, etc.)


How Does It Work?
Simply stir and drink!
Dip the Stirward into water for 20 seconds (for a quart, gallon, or even a 5 gallon container).
The Quantum Age Water Stirwand balances, stabilizes and energizes water.
This effect will be held in the water in an open container for at least 48 hours,
and will be at least 95% retained in 90 days in a closed container.
That's all it takes to activate the Stirwand technology.

What is the Stirwand made of?
Stirwands are made of Rock Minerals, encased in surgical-grade polymers.
The Rock Minerals NEVER touch the water, but they have an effect on the water.

How long will my Stirwand last?
Stirwands will last a lifetime, given reasonable care.

How do I care for my Stirwand?
Wash with mild soap only. Do not microwave!

How much water is enough to drink?

One ounce for every two lbs of body weight. For example, a person weighing 150 lbs would need 75 ounces of water daily to hydrate properly. In many cases, dehydrated people are drinking the correct amount of water but it is from a poor source or it has other additives.

Why is hydration so important?
Hydration effects EVERY bodily function and is crucial for good health.
Water transports all substances inside the body and is the main solvent for vitamins and minerals.
See Below this box for more information on what hydration can do and the importance of hydration to all of our bodies.


quantum age perfect match

www.quantumagewater.info  is the official information site of Quantum Age Water, developers of the Stirwands™  and is designed to educate the consumer on the importance of hydration, help distinguish water facts from fiction, profile clinical studies,
answer frequently asked questions, and offer usage tips.
Here are a number of "stirring" testimonials on the Sitrwands

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The Solution: Perfectly Balanced and Stable Water that Hydrates and Oxygenates the Cells

The solution is a simple fountain pen-sized wonder, called the Stirwand™. Stirred in your water for 30 seconds before you drink it, the Stirwand™ is clinically proven to naturally, without adding anything artificial, quickly restore virtually any clean, potable water to near perfect balance and stability.

Backed by human clinical trials, water stirred with a Stirwand™, or "Stirred" water:

  • Delivers therapeutic levels of hydration and oxygen to your cells via single water molecules.
  • Increases hydration immediately, 32.4% (within 30 days).
  • Increases blood oxygen immediately, 12.8% (within 14 days).
  • Decreases cellular toxins, 19.4% (within 90 days), including substantial reduction of heavy metals (mercury reduced by 75% in 90 days).
  • Increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), 11.3% (within 30 days).
  • Balances overall body pH, 27.2% (within in 90 days).
  • Remains stable for 48 hours in an opened container, 95% stable for months if sealed.

What many experience with “Stirred” water:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Increased blood oxygen levels
  • Greater nutrient absorption
  • Vastly improved immune system
  • Relief from headaches, joint pain and more
  • Reduced cellular toxins
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Younger looking skin, healthier hair and nails
  • Smoother, better tasting water, making drinking it a priority, not a chore or challenge
  • Aid in weight-loss without water retention/bloating

    Hydration effects EVERY bodily function.
    A well-hydrated system:

    • Delivers nutrients to the cells
    • Delivers oxygen to the cells efficiently
    • Increases blood oxygen levels
    • Removes waste materials from the cells
    • Helps to removes toxic material from liver and kidneys
    • Is critical for efficient function of energy-generating cycles
    • Provides electrical energy for brain function
    • Is required for the synthesis of neurotransmitters
    • Can reduce depression, stress and anxiety
    • Can restore normal sleep cycles
    • Increases the efficiency of the immune system
    • Is required for the production of hormones
    • Can reduce PMS symptoms
    • Helps to regulate ocular pressure
    • Helps to regulate adhesion index of blood cells
    • May reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes
    • Is necessary for all digestive functions
    • Can prevent constipation
    • Reduces the skin’s signs of aging
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Enhances joint flexibility and strength
    • Enhances athletic performance.
    Approximately 94% of the people living in the United States are dehydrated.
    Are you one of them ?
    If so, what would your life be like if you WERE HYDRATED. 
    You CAN be NOW.

    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry selection in 2003 illustrated why 94% of United States citizens are dehydrated.
    The Stirwand Offers one of the first VERY AFFORDABLE Solutions!
    Take advantage of this opportunity today.

    It’s said that 75% of all disease can be traced back to even short term dehydration –
    from hypertension to strokes to cancer, depression and arthritis.  Wow !!

    Many people have been told for years that they are dehydrated, and so many of the things they try to do to hydrate themselves do NOT work.
    The Quantum Age Water Stirwand
    does work !  (45 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that it does ! )


    Specific Gravity
    The Stirwand restores a special balance needed in water so that it can hydrate and oxygenate cell membranes to their fullest potential, by making the energy and contents of the water molecule fully available to the cell's aquaporins.

    Stirwand technology actually drops the specific gravity of the water below the threshold that allows single water molecules to pass through the cell membranes.

    We called up some water labs, and asked if they tested for specific gravity in water.  Turns out that if the specific gravity is more than 1.009, it is highly unlikely that the water can get into your cells. The Stirwand™ was able to bring Las Vegs Tap Water at 1.023 specific gravity down to 1.002, according to the laboratory tests that Quantum Age Water had done.

    From what I understand NO purified water (which ranges from a specific gravity of 1.011 to 1.015) can get into your cells. Can't be done.  That means all the good bottled water, and purified water from our faucets can't get into our cells. And if Peter Agre is correct (He did get the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 for his research, so there is a good bet that he is.) ...   then no wonder, about 94% of those living in the United States ARE DEHYDRATED.

    My conclusion is that the only reason we are alive is because we have what is called Metabolic Enzymes, and they come to the rescue and help us get some of that unavailable water into our cells by breaking them down in the same way it breaks down cooked food which we otherwise could not get into our cells.
    There is a whole movement in the United State now, called the "Raw Food Movement."  They live by the principles espoused in the book by Smokey Santillo, "Food Enzymes:  The Missing link to Radiant Health."
    to order this book, click here:

    I have also concluded that when Dr.
    Batmanghelidj  relates in his classic book, "Your Body's Many Cries for Water," that he was able to cure almost every prisoner in an Iranian prison when he was imprisoned there, with WATER alone !!!    (I always felt he was absolutely correct, but my experiences did not indicate the veracity of his statements.)  But now that I know about the Stirwand, it only makes sense that the water Dr. Batmanghelidj was using had to be very hydrated water.  And now it all makes perfect sense! To order this book, click here:

    I will say it once again:   I suspect that almost every water you can drink is NOT able to hydrate you.  I tell people to use the best purest water they can,  and THEN use the Quantum Age Water Stirwand in it.  You want to start with great water.  Then you want to complete the picture by being able to "receive" the water.

    Aquaporin and ion channels
    Aquaporin (water) channels and ion channels are pathways found in proteins.  The water channels form pores in the membranes of cells and selectively conduct water molecules through the cell membrane, while preventing the passage of ions (such as sodium and potassium) and other small molecules. The ions are directed through ion channels.

    The discovery of aquaporins in 1988 was the result of research by
    Peter Agre from Johns Hopkins University, who won the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of water channels.

    Check out the other oxygen products that we carry:
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    Scientific Proof that The Quantum Age Stirwands Work !
    This is the executive Summary of the History and the Research on The Quantum Age Water Stirwands, written by David Schneider.

    If you decide to order quantum age stirwands, please come back to this order page, and order from us.  We appreciate it.


    Hello (Again).  I recently purchased a stir-wand from Your store.  I LOVE it.  I have actually done some "experiments" to see if it really works.  It actually does make a difference in how water physically behaves after it has been stirred with the wand.  I have several examples - the way water goes down a funnel (it swirls clockwise 'before' and just goes straight down 'after'), the absorption of powdered baby formula (You hardly have to shake the bottle - it just dissolves before Your very eyes), and the infusion of tea (it really tastes better and You can SEE the tea more easily infusing if You do it in a clear glass) are all obviously visually and otherwise affected by using stir-wand water vs. regular filtered water.  I think they should make a magic pitcher along the lines of a Brita model that would both filter and "stir-wand" the water at the same time.  I digress.  The ACTUAL reason I'm writing again is that I noticed on the website that there is now a carrying case for the stir-wand.  I wonder if I could get an empty case for mine?  Let me know...
    L.B.  / Ohio


    A note from Phil Wilson
    President of Momentum98

    I discovered the Quantum Stirwands at a San Francisco show I was attending as an exhibitor in April 2007, where I listened to David Sneider's lecture about the Stirwands.

    The first time I tried the Stirwand, I was impressed how my thirst was immediately quenched.
    The water undoubtedly tasted and felt better and smoother, and it was "fluffier" (like a cloud). Since then I've been using the Basic Wand (for everyday use and stress relief) in my drinking water,and also the Zen Master (for baths) and the Gourmet (for food).

    The water which arrives to us these days is a far cry from water’s original natural and optimal chemistry. This creates health concerns, as hydration is critical for a cell to function. Stirwands greatly increase the cells ability to absorb water.

    All living matter, including our own bodies, are made out of cells and they all have channels, valves and gates which allow them to function. Aquaporins are the channels that allow H2O to pass into cells, one molecule at a time.  Cells hydrate one molecule at a time, and the more hydrated you are, the more efficiently you transport nutrients and hormones, and flush toxins. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003 was awarded to two scientists who clarified this in their research.

    As water goes through the mountains, the rocks of the earth have an ionic effect on the water to create mountain streams that are very hydrated and have the ability to invigorate us, and to quench our thirst. We have found that dipping the stirward
    into water for 10 seconds recreates this natural process of un-clumping water molecules. This produces a water which allows the cells in the body to truly hydrate. No matter what water you choose to drink, the stirwand (using high matrix minerals encased in surgical-grade polymer) will make that water better.

    Studies have shown that 94% of tested people are dehydrated even though they may be consuming the correct amount of water for their body size. The many critical factors in water that are important for hydration are resistivity, conductivity, surface tension, specific gravity, pH and correct charge (wattage & voltage).Stirwands
    use an exclusive laboratory tested blend of minerals to ionically align these factors and charge the water.

    independent clinical trials show average increases in hydration of 23.5% and increases in blood oxygen of 9.6%. Among other benefits, this stimulates mental clarity and improves thinking, as hydration provides electrical energy for brain function & is required for the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

    Once you purchase a Quantum Age Water Stirwand™, it is amazing to test for the difference.

    We do this at shows with little 2 oz glasses at expos.  You can do it with 8 oz glasses at home.

    At holistic health expos, 90% of those who test the water notice either a slight difference, or are totally blow away by the incredible difference in the feel of the water.

    About 95% of women and Children notice a difference immediately.
    About 80% of them men notice a difference immediately.  (What can I say.  I am also a man.)

    It's funny since it is NOT a difference in taste, although thousands say they taste the difference.
    It is actually a difference in FEEL.   This is certainly an opportunity to explore the way we sense.

    Meanwhile:  Here is the test:

    To test the effects, simply get 2 - 8 oz glasses of water, and put the stir wand in one of them.

    First drink a sip or two of the one you didn't put the Stirwand™ in, then drink some of the "stirwanded"  water. More than likely you will notice the water is smoother, softer, and lighter.

    If you are not sure, take another sip of your regular water. You generally will find it a little harsher, with a little bit of bite in it you may not have noticed before.

    Then the important part: Drink the stir-wanded 8 oz glass of water. You will notice that it really does quench your thirst!