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Relax Far Infrared Sauna Videos

You can listen to 3 different talks on the Relax Sauna that were given at conferences in the last few years. One of these is 33 minutes, the other 49 minutes, and the 3rd one is 70 minutes. These talks, given by Phil Wilson, who introduced the Relax Sauna to America in 2002, are informative, humorous, insightful, and inspiring. They give the audience a good understanding of what Far Infrared Energy really is, and what it feels like.

Mr. Wilson also explains the differences between the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, and others, and shares research, as well as commentaries by others about their experiences with the Relax Sauna.

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Below are many testimonials of people sharing their experiences with the Relax Sauna

We have had tens of thousands of people experience the Relax far infrared sauna over the last 12 years at conferences and expos all over the country. We have heard hundreds of miraculous stories of what the Relax sauna has done for individuals. Many of these people have shared their experiences with us on video. They can also share their experiences with you in the videos below.

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