CBD available directly - Cannabidiol aka CBD - a Legal Way to Get the Many Health Benefits of Cannabis such as Anti-seizure, Anti-inflammation, Anti-tumor, Antioxident, Antinausea

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

Hemp, unlike marijuana, is the major plant commercial source for CBD extracts. CBD is produced by the hemp plant in the form of a sticky resin produced in specialized glands located on young leaves, twigs and buds of the plant. The CBD-containing resin is a source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and numerous other protective molecules (that will be discussed) for the growth and reproductive functions of the plant.

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A Powerful Natural Immune Booster - d-Lenolate Olive Leaf Extract

Several significant studies have been made and published documenting the powerful correlation of both Olive Leaf Extract and specifically d-Lenolate to a myriad of life threatening viral and bacterial diseases. The following are studies and research of highly defining studies that document in two distinct methodologies the effectiveness and efficacy of d-Lenolate®.

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Black Cumin Seed aka Black Seed - an ancient remedy with many amazing properties

Black seed has been tested to inhibit the growth of staph bacteria was well as gram-negative bacteria.(R)(R)

Black Cumin oil is also a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. Studies have shown that the Thymoquinone in black seed inhibits inflammatory cytokines.(R

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5-HTP - A natural antidepressant that works with your own body. Increases serotonin levels

Low levels of serotonin found in the brains of people with depression


Serotonin levels have been shown to affect depression. People who chronically have depression tend to have lower levels of serotonin in the brain. This is why serotonin uptake inhibitors are prescribed to increase the levels of serotonin. 

5-HTP is a way of increasing your bodies own production of serotonin. 5-HTP is a precursor of serotonin so your body can use it to quickly produce serotonin. 

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Happy Light - Light therapy lamp - Remedy the winter blues

The Verilux Happy Light

The sun in a lot of ways is wonderful for you but a lot of the time people don’t give the credit the sun deserves. It’s what generates so much life to this world. When you think of the sun today you think about the harm it can do to us personally. These two main rays the sun puts off that can hurt us are UVA which is long wave ultraviolet A and UVB short wave ultraviolet B. These two wave lengths the sun puts off can do a lot of negative things to our bodies such as age our skin faster, burn all the way to the dermis layer of our skin (which is the thickest layer of your skin), can usually burn the superficial layer of skin, are the main cause of skin cancer, can effect our eyes in ways that cause cataracts, lower your immune system, and takes away vitamin A in your skin (by the way cool fact that most people in the world are deficient in vitamin A). Yes these two rays are HORRIBLE for you! But, that’s not what this post is all about. it’s actually about the GOOD things the sun gives to us and how we can some how add them into our day to day life with out the sun! How Amazing is that!? Think about it, if you could some how take away these horrible ultraviolet rays and get just the good wave lengths of the sun, would you do it? it’s a no brainier, I know I would and DID!

I’m sure your wondering what I’m talking about but before I announce this amazing product we have in our store I want to tell you a little about the background science of it so you can have a feel of how beneficial this thing can be in your life. First off lets talk about white light, what is white light? White light is electromagnetic radiation of all frequencies in the visible range of the light spectrum which puts of a “white appearance” to the eye. Now, what does this crazy white light do for us? Well, white light does a lot for us such as, it functions both as an antioxidant and an antitoxin, its a major defense system against illness and aging/ slows down the aging process, it detoxifies and improves liver function, strengthens the immune system, reduces the change of developing cancer, works to help improve mental functions, increase energy, improves concentration, improves heart and lung function, and can provide good oral hygiene. WOW, this light does a lot for you! How can one thing promote so much beneficial proprieties? Now to find something that can take this one light and put it into something we can have portable and able to have in our home or at work. THE VERILUX HAPPY LIGHT! Yes, this amazing lamp gives off nothing but white light! Right when you turn it on I personally feel this fluttery happy feeling in my chest as if I’m about to be excited about something. I almost feel the need to jump for joy with how much happiness this light gives me.

The Happy Light simply works!

At first I didn’t believe this thing worked, how can some random table lamp make you feel good and promote health in so many ways? When I saw this product it almost made me laugh and I immediately thought this was a scam, a placebo effect, a joke, lie, silly, stupid, out of this world, far fetch, I can go on with what my mind was thinking. So as you can probably tell I didn’t feel the need to buy this silly contraption but I kept having more and more people asking about them and saying how amazing they are. Me being a Manager in retail I’m of course nodding my head saying yea this is a great product I love it when I really think otherwise. So weeks, went by that turned into months and I have yet to feel the need or want to get one but the more people came in asking about it the more I was intrigued to figure out what was the cats meow about this lamp. I started asking around with friends I know that have used these lights and would swear by them and some friends have told me that the light can honestly be to much and make you feel too good, others say you have to get use to the brightness but its amazing. The silly thing about all of this is that I refused to try this light out this whole time! I never once opened a box to turn it on and see if it really worked. I guess I was just being to pessimistic and negative about it that I felt trying it out would be useless. If I’m going to be 100% honest with my customers about why I ended up with one of these things in my home its because of a small little life I have that needs these positive properties to keep it living. My sun conure lady bird is a little bird who if you don’t know anything about birds NEED a full spectrum bulb to be happy and healthy! So I thought “why not give this light a try since it is a full spectrum light”. I brought it home, turned it on, and those feelings I said in the begging of fluttery happy giddiness came threw me like a flash of lightning! I was kicked off my feet, blown away, amazed, dumb founded, astonished, this crazy happy light works!!!! I have never in my life had something give me so much joy so instantly that I almost couldn’t take it! The Happy Light by Verilux almost feels like your being forced to be in a good mood, it helps keep you awake if your feeling tired and its easy to sleep with it on in a big room.

The light it gives off is so much nicer than the horrible yellow orange color normal bulbs give off. Normal lights tend to almost give me headaches also florescent lights tend to give me migraines behind my eyes but this light, I feel no negative affects from it even if I were to stare into it, although I wouldn’t want to because of how bright this thing is. It does have a high level and a low level but its not to big of a difference. The low level gives off not as much as a shine as the higher level does. I have a 5000 watt, its not that big, fits nicely in the corner of my desk and easily portable it lights up a 600 square feet room nicely and it can also be put in a smaller area and not feel like its to much, if it does to you It’ll take a few days of getting use to but its well worth it.

From being a pessimistic person about the Verilux Happy Light and turning into an optimistic customer unexpectedly, I highly recommend this product to anyone that gets the winter blues, sits at a desk for 40 hours, have kids who get sick often, depressed or seem tired regularly, honestly this light is meant for you! Buy it, try it out, see how it changes your life like it did with mine!

Eliminate the winter blues with the Happy Light!

winter blues happy light verilux

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A powerful brain booster and mood enhancer. E3 Live Brain-On

E3 Live Brain-On is live-frozen Blue Green Algae that also contains brain boosting extracts of Phenylethylamine and Phycocyanin which are already in the blue green algae but the added concentrate gives it a powerful effect. It has a double effect of enhancing cognition and improving mood at the same time. I really feel great after taking it. I remember when first I tried it, I was blown away by the double effect of mental clarity increase and an almost euphoric feeling it brings.



Phenylethylamine HCL is a neurotransmitter and is used for brain stimulation, elevated mood, promoting feelings of wellbeing mental clarity, increased concentration and even weight loss because it is also a appetite supressent. Within the brain it causes the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, which contribute to sexual drive, mental attention and alertness. It can even lead to feeling euphoria and giddiness!

Phenylethlamine has been referred to as the “love drug” because it is released by the brain when you feel love.

It is considered an effective treatment for depression, attention deficit disorder(ADHD), and Parkinson’s disease. Phenylethylamine has also been used to treat arthritis and alcohol withdrawal.


A blue colored protein found in Klamath blue green algae which gives E3 Live Brain-on it’s bluish tint. This powerful health building material helps the body to produce stem cells which can rejuvenate the body and speed healing.

Phycocyanin also boosts the effects of Vitamin C and it is a powerful antioxidant. This contributes to its ability to protect the kidneys and liver from damage by toxins.

It is neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory and can inhibit allergic inflammation response.(https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21669260)

An amazing product which has many health benefits, both mental and physical.

  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increased concentration
  • Mood balancing and makes you better able to handle stress. Thus giving you better performance in work and daily tasks
  • All natural product which contains LIVE frozen algae from lake Klamath.