Zodiac - Sagitarius Chinese Exercise Balls (40mm)


According to the Chinese traditional medical theory of "Jingluo", the ten fingers are connected with the heart. "Jingluo" is connected with the Fingers and cranial nerves, and vital organs of the human body.

On plucking* the ball with the five fingers, the ball can stimulate the various acupuncture points on the hand, resulting in unimpeded circulation of vital energy and blood in the body. It can cause the "jingluo" unblocked and thorough, the vital energy and blood to function in harmony, the muscles nimble, the bones strong, the mind sober, can invigorate the circulation of blood, and can prevent and cure hypertension and various chronic diseases.

If you keep on taking exercise everyday for months and years, you can get the fine results of keeping your brain in good health with high intelligence and good memory, relieving your fatigue, drowning your worries, and, moreover, prolonging your life.

Using the Exercise Balls


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