Color Therapy Glasses (all colors)


Color therapy glasses are attractive nonprescription colored sunglasses, made of lightweight nylon frames with acrylic lenses that meet current FDA standards for sunglass safety. They are impact resistant and meet general purpose UV requirements. They block 95% UVB and 60% UVA

Wearing Color Therapy Glasses !
The color therapy glasses can be worn daily for 30 to 60 minutes.
Or you can wear them as long as you like.

If you use a specific color for an acute condition, you could wear the color until the symptoms disappear.
You can focus on one specific problem and color, or you can wear as many colors as you would like each day.

Color therapy glasses can be worn whenever and wherever you wish, day or night. Listen to your body. Experiment with all the colors, learning how they effect you.Try all of the glasses. Each will probably effect you uniquely.

What is Color Therapy ? How Does It Work ?
Color Therapy is simply the therapy of using colors to heal. Certainly modalities of using color therapy to heal includes shining color lights on a person, being in a room painted in a particular color, wearing certain colored clothes, imagining colors shining upon you while sitting still with eyes closed, eating fruits and vegetables of certain colors, and wearing the color therapy glasses,
which was designed to make the use of color therapy convenient and affordable.

The eyes convert light (color) into a kind of energy which travels through our nervous system, which can effect all body functions. Studies have shown that when color is introduced to the human system it causes cellular and hormonal changes thus bringing the cells into synchronization or balance with the color.

How does Color Work ?
Each color vibrates at a specific, individual frequency, as do the glands and organs of the body. Each color corresponds to a specific area of the body. Color vibrates true to frequency. It never deviates, but people deviate. The body is constantly being challenged in life, and is always working to maintain balance. When we are ill, the body is out of balance; the body is not functioning at its proper frequencies. A key to feeling better is to bring balance back to the area of the body that is the source of the illness.

Color Entering the Eyes !
One method of using color is by having it enter a person's eyes. Color entering the eyes is directed to the hypothalamus gland, then to the pineal gland, which directs it to the pituitary gland, which governs and regulates hormone production. The brain processes this information, which causes cellular and hormonal changes to occur. The frequency of the color is transmitted to the area of the body that recognizes the frequency. The color's vibration tunes into the corresponding area bringing it into synchronization with the color. This brings the organ or gland back to its proper function. While using color the body is functioning properly. If used daily the body will relearn to function on it's own, much the way physical therapy works.

Since each color corresponds to a specific area of the body, we need each color. This we can receive from the sun's light. It is important to receive this light outside, because glass does not allow certain wavelengths through and this creates a certain malnutrition of color.

Questions & Answers

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  • Hi My son have ADHD and I have been advise to stimulate his eyes But in the ejercieses for stimulation the say Right eye šŸ‘ with red color And Left šŸ‘ with blue color But here I see glasses šŸ‘“ just from 1 color šŸ¤” ??

    We only carry solid color therapy glasses, however if you bought two pairs you could pop out a lens from each and switch the lenses so that one side is red and one is blue.

  • May I place the glasses over my usual glasses to wear outside or in the home, or should one wear them indoors only?

    It is fine to put them over top of normal glasses. They are for outdoor and indoor use.  

  • Hi, what color would I use for anxiety and fear? Iā€™m willing to try anything at this point.

    The color orange helps with acceping change and letting go. Dissolves fear and anxiety

  • Do these colored glasses help with Irlen Syndrome?

    With Irlen Syndrome and experiencing the symptom of Light Sensitivity: Bothered by glare, fluorescent lights, bright lights, sunlight and sometimes lights at night Yellow glasses help with this.

  • Are your colored glasses round or the sport shape glasses?

    The frames are more circular, not Lennon style, but like a regular pair of sunglasses.     Thanks, David