Intestinal Bulking Agent III with new formulation and the improved taste is the most recent significant breakthrough for maintaining a healthy population of lactobacteria in one's intestinal tract while cleansing the entire digestive system. Its is brought to you by the developer and originator of the world's first and still the world's best herbal intestinal cleansing program.
It now contains Inulin!
  • A "Prebiotic" soluble dietary fiber that aids, enhances and feeds the lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, the probiotic intestinal microflora.
  • Produces short chain fatty acids which:
    • Inhibit the growth of disease causing bacteria.
    • Are used by the liver for energy production.
    • Have cancer preventing properties within the intestine.
  • Improves fat metabolism that helps lower LDL cholesterol levels and confer additional cardio-protection.
  • Increases the systemic absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • Recognized by the USFDA as a food ingredient (not an additive) and regarded as safe for human consumption.

This new formulation yields a two- to three-fold increase of lactobacteria-enhancing activity over earlier products, while providing improved taste and multiple other proven healthful benefits that give even greater assurance that you need not cleanse the intestines first and reimplant lactobacteria later, while still providing the lubrication and absorptive effects needed to sweep loosened mucoid matter from the system. You may now cleanse and promote an abundant implantation of lactobacteria at the same time! The Holistic Horizons Intestinal Bulking Agent III and Intestinal Cleansing Formula tablets should both be used together to achieve this effect, as both contain required complementary ingredients to provide a synergistic benefit.

This product is a blend of premium quality powdered herbs taken one to four times daily with liquid throughout the cleansing period. Its primary herbal constituent, psyllium, is supplemented by inulin, dandelion, and other palliative herbs to enhance effectiveness while acting gently on the system. (2+ bottles required for each month of cleansing)

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HH User B.T.
Not right for me.

I first did the Robert Gray HH program 30 years ago and it worked fine, just as described in RG's booklet. However, my constitution must have changed or something, because I simply can't tolerate all that fiber anymore. Yes, I tried all the tricks - waiting for a few days, then restarting at a lower dose, etc., this & that.

However, the cleansing tablets are great and so far have promoted the effects as described in the book.


Thought this might be helpful for anyone who is looking for product details.

It's for my husband who is doing coffee enema. Drinking this helps with binding the accumulated toxics, so that they can be expel through coffee enema.

Also good for travelling to places with poor hygiene, in case of food poisoning or diarrhea or stomach discomfort.

Thumbs up!


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