Far Infrared Lamp - The Sky Eye


World’s most powerful medical lamp used for healing purposes.

  • Speeds wound and injury healing. Used by professional athletes.
  • FIR energy is readily absorbed by the human body.
  • Easy and convenient to use; able to penetrate clothing with full benefits.
  • 360° rotational head and adjustable stand to suit any angle, height and intensity required by the user; any part of the body can receive treatment.
  • Benefits those who suffer from muscle ache, shoulder pain; improves metabolism and blood circulation.
  • A short usage of 15 minutes can create desirable results.
  • Doctors use it for healing diabetic ulcers. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES



Ask a Question
  • Is this product made in US?

    It is manufactured in Taiwan. We are the national distributor here in the U.S.A for the Relax Sauna and table lamp, as well as a few other far-infrared products.     Thanks, David

  • How close do you get to the lamp. It feel very hot from a few feet away. I bought one and didn’t receive any instruction booklet or tips. Nothing on the internet either but sales

    The distance to use varies depending on feel. The recommended minimum is 12 inches. The average is 12-18 inches distance.   Here is the user manual for the lamp Sky-eye medical grade lamp