LED Color Therapy Bulb with Remote Control



This LED light bulb is controlled by a remote and can instantly change to 16 different colors. 

You can even set it to automatically change colors.

ONLY $14.95 - LASTS over 50,000 hours!

Ultra efficient, only uses 15 Watts

*Note - in the picture the European style bulb connection is shown, the model we carry is for a standard US light bulb socket

The remote uses a battery: 1 x CR2025 button cell battery (battery included starting 1/28/19).

Violet has the shortest wave length of the visible colors.

Healing properties...

Violet is a motor depressant: depressing over-active parts of the body (except the spleen and the parathyroid). It relaxes, calms, and depresses the nerves of over-excitable people. It is also a cardiac depressant: relaxing and soothing to the muscles and nerves controlling the heart.

Violet is an antibiotic: building organisms that destroy harmful organisms. It is also a spleen stimulant: it builds the white corpuscles in the spleen. (The spleen produces Vitamin D. As the blood passes through the spleen to the heart, a final cleansing takes place to remove any harmful poison or bad cells.)

Reduces excitement and extreme irritations.

Depresses the action of the lymphatic glands for lowered nutrition such as in overweight. Depresses the appetite.

Gives a wonderful deep sleep similar to the Indigo.


Healing properties...

Indigo depresses the thyroid and at the same time stimulates the parathyroid. Depresses the heart: shrinks an enlarged heart.

It is an analgesic: giving relief especially to pain from extreme swelling. It actually reduces acute swelling, as well as relieving pain.

It is a very strong sedative. Has a narcotic effect: produces a strong, deep sleep. Upon awakening, there are no hangovers or drug-like, effects. Instead, one feels alive, alert, and refreshed.

It is an astringent: tightening, firming and toning the flesh, skin and nerves.
(Women particularly enjoy its effect of firming the skin.)


Blue is the color of the pineal gland - the color of the spirit. A strong, deep blue in the aura indicates maturity, calmness, and dependability whereas a light thin blue in the aura indicates anemia.

Blue is a creative force.

The oxygen in blue unites, or intercepts, the hydrogen in red to increase perspiration as a fever is broken. It relieves all fevers and burns, just slightly stronger than the turquoise: to be used after the turquoise if fever persists.

It is a vitality builder: the oxygen neutralizes the fatigue poisons for a more relaxed and calming condition.

It produces a peaceful effect for sounder sleep.

It relieves itching and irritations.

A study has shown that blue light can help recovery after a concussion

Green is the master color - it is a vibrant color of life and growth - the most predominate color in the life force of our planet. Green is the fulcrum of the primary colors and stands out as the key to prepare the body for more effective results from the other colors.

Start all schedules with one or more green exposures.

Green stimulates the pituitary gland (the master gland): it is the best basic color for all disorders (chronic and acute conditions). Many conditions may be cleared up with green alone. There are no side effects from the use of green.

Raises the vibrations of the body above the vibrations of disease.

Is crisp, cool, and fresh-cleaning in nature. Has the universal appeal to the sense of balance and normality.
Is the color of clarity: destroying rooting materials, and building cells and tissues

A Note on Nitrogen...
Many elements needed by the body are absorbed from the air through the lungs. Both Oxygen and Hydrogen are taken from the air, but few realize that Nitrogen is also from the air and used as a protein builder. Nitrogen is the substance of protein, the builder of muscles.

Breathing fresh air and eating of fresh fruits and vegetables eliminates completely and possible need for any of the animal forms of food. Plants also obtain a great percentage of their nitrogen from the air. Animal proteins are highly toxic and destructive - they have no place in creative nutrition.

Smoking prevents the lungs from utilizing the nitrogen from the air. Heavy smokers have a craving for toxic animal proteins.

Green and Cancer...
The main color used for cancer is green. Cancer feeds on waste and rotting conditions within the body. When these wastes are removed from the body, the cancer cannot feed on healthy tissue, so it breaks up and passes out of the body - absolutely harmlessly.
The fear of cancer is greatly exaggerated. The fear of cancer kills more people than cancer itself.

The use of green on open sores, cuts, bruises and damaged flesh is truly wonderful. Use green for burns in connection with turquoise to build muscle and tissue, and to build new skin without scars. (See turquoise below)

Yellow is a creative color - a most inspiring color.
Yellow brings the following benefits...
Stimulating, activating, endless energy and building of the motivating actions in the body. Acts as a motivating action for all kinds of paralysis such as in
strokes or sluggish organs.

Depresses the spleen and the parathyroid gland. Increases the appetite. Aids in better assimilation for better nutrition.

Is a nerve stimulant and builder. Stimulates and strengthens the heart for better circulation. Stimulates the lymphatic glands. Stimulates and builds the eyes and ears.

Creates self-confidence and courage.

Orange is the color of success.
Projected on the body it contributes to the following:
Helps you expand your interest and activities.

Gives life and healing with its increase in oxygen by stimulating of the lungs and thyroid glands. It is a lung builder and respiratory stimulant: it heals all lung disorders. It depresses the parathyroid glands.

It stimulates the production of milk in the mammary glands. This eliminates the need for animal milks and artificial formulas. Nothing can compare with mother's milk if she is eating the correct foods.

Most spices come under the orange color and may be used sparingly in the diet. They contain many trace elements that may be lacking in other foods (note: black and white pepper must not be used at any time as they contain a form of cumulative poison). Other spices act as a mild laxative and stimulant for the digestive tract.


It is a very exciting color.
The longest wave length in the visible spectrum is red: it has the lowest rate of vibration of the visible spectrum.

It is an expression of vitality, of nervousness, and of glandular activity.

A strong, clear red in the aura indicates force, vigor, and energy. A clear dark red is a sensual color, building and stimulating the five senses.

It is also the color of warmth, love and tenderness.

Treating with this color stimulates the automatic nervous and circulatory system.

It is a very strong selling color. High pressure salesmanship is predominantly red.

It is an irritant and excitable. A dark and cloudy red indicates high temper and nervous turmoil. A light thin red aura indicates a nervous, impulsive, and self-centered person with very little reserve of nervous energy.

Stimulates and builds the liver. Builds the red corpuscles in the liver which are stored in the bone marrow for any needed emergency or sudden loss of blood.

Is a pustular: draws poisons to a head on the surface to be eliminated.

It is an outgoing vibration related to aggressiveness and conquest. The negative aspect of red is an aggressive warlike attitude and instability with a very strong sex drive.


Turquoise is an acute alternative for all sudden pains and aches. Use turquoise after the green for all infections.

Use turquoise for skin building when damaged by any degree of burns,
scratches, sores and infections. Use coconut oil on the burned area to keep it soft.)

It is a tonic, quickly reviving conditions of fatigue poisons. Work, play and exercise produces these poisons as the cells and tissues are broken down, making one feel tired.

Turquoise is very cooling and relaxing, especially for headaches and pressures.

It is for irritations, inflammations, and itching.

It is a mental or brain depressant - especially good for sleeping. Use instead of sleeping pills- a mild sedative with no side effects.


Magenta balances the emotions: it is soothing and relaxing both to over-emotional and under-emotional conditions. Will produce similar stimulative and depressive effects as those of both scarlet and purple - it works slightly slower.

Will raise or lower the blood pressure automatically to produce a normal condition.

Stimulates or depresses the kidneys and adrenal glands

Balances the sex desires and abilities.

As with green, magenta is used for all disorders and conditions -it makes the other colors more effective
Builds the aura: strengthens and intensifies.


Base type: E27
Power: 7W
Input: AC 85-265V
Light color: Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange and so on (total 16 colors)
Remote control battery: 1 x CR2025 button cell battery (battery included starting 1/28/19)
Housing: High Strength Aluminum
Bulb size: 60 x 127mm (DxL)
LED Lifespan: >50,000 hours
Body temperature: <60°C
LED working temperature: <65°C
Warranty: 3 Years
Approvals: CE/RoHS
Suitable for illumination and beautification for home/party/etc.

Here is some information about Color Therapy;



Ask a Question
  • Hi. Are you saying that one bulb and remote can do all this ? I am in the UK Can you let me know the price please.

    Hello Annette,   The one in question can do all that. The price is $9.95. We do have another LED Color Therapy bulb that connects through bluetooth and you can fully control it from your phone. Has different color modes, music mode, wider range of color schemes, all with the touch on a smartphone. That one is $29.95 and lasts longer with more color options and modes.   Thanks, David

  • Can these lights be put in a floor lamp (light points toward the ceiling) and get the healing results listed or do you need to point the light directly at the body (or particular body part) to get the effects? Thanks.

    These lightbulbs can screw into most light sources and you will get the effect from it illuminating the room or if the room is large, you can get the effect by sitting or lying near it.