7% Hydrogen Peroxide


The information provided below is taken from numerous sources and is for educational purposes only. We make no claims as to its accuracy, but we believe it is healthy to have this information available for individuals to read. We are trying to provide a wide range of information about the different uses for hydrogen peroxide.  Use this information at your own discretion. Hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous if not handled responsibly. We are not responsible for misuse of information provided.

Hydrogen Peroxide is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body. This information is for educational purpose only. It is not to be considered medical advice, diagnostic or prescriptive.

ALWAYS use 7% & 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a diluted solution.

CAUTION: Wear protective eye wear and rubber gloves when handling H2O2. If you spill hydrogen peroxide on your skin, rinse immediately with water. Avoid any contact with eyes.

Being in the health food industry for over thirty years, we know many cases where individuals have used hydrogen peroxide internally with wonderful results. But we also know many many cases where other oxygen products have been used with wondrous results, as a safer alternative. 

Possible Reactions to Hydrogen Peroxide

Skin eruptions, nausea, sleepiness, unusual fatigue, diarrhea, colds, (in head or chest), ear infections, boils, or any other method that the body uses to emit toxins from the body!
(The toxins have been rooted out by the use of hydrogen peroxide.)

This is the natural way for the body to cleanse and the natural cleansing will be of short duration, as you continue to maintain your program. Above all, even if you must decrease the dosage,
it’s good to continue the program, don’t give up.

If you get a cleansing reaction, you may want to increase the dosage to hasten the cleansing. A cleansing is the effect of the body of bacteria dying off, or various forms of poisons being released through
the eliminative organs of the body, i.e. skin, lungs, kidneys, and bowels.

Remember: When hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with virus and streptococcus,
it will liberate free oxygen (

This may be happening in your stomach. If your stomach feels uneasy, it is only the hydrogen peroxide
seeking out the virus and streptococcus to destroy.

If you do choose to use Hydrogen Peroxide internally,
read the information below thoroughly and use extreme caution.


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