Alimtox Rejuvenix Ionic Detox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Spa



One of the highest quality ionic foot detox bath machines. Highly praised by users. Here are some online reviews;

"I bought this product after experiencing it at a trade show and I can say this is one of the best investments you can make in your health. I tried it for 30 minutes and after the session I felt more energy and my head felt clearer. I asked the owner a lot of questions and liked how they have been around for about 8 years, which tells me if their product did not work they would not keep being invited back. After multiple treatments I go to my health adviser and this person immediately noticed how my lymphatic system has cleared up tremendously and I believe it's because of this machine. I have had this for several months and found that using it for an hour at a time gives me the best results. I like to support Americans when I can and the owner of this product is American, I have seen knockoffs for cheaper that's because they copy their tech without really putting the effort in and undercut the prices and who knows if it works the same, not cool. Then you wind up putting Americans out of jobs. For me, it's about principle. It's simple to use, easy to maintain and produces Amazing results in a short amount of time. Worth every penny!" - Globetrotter415

"I own a Alimtox machine and cant tell you how many countless success stories i have had with it. When i have candita flareup it helps, also joint inflammation and it makes me feel light and airy. Its great for detox after i use my biomat, unbelieveable what comes out of your bodies largest organ: the skin. I highly recommend it for joint pain and over all wellness and detox." - SRQ Mobil Detox


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