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Ancient Clay Shampoo Bar - Sandalwood 6oz 28g

100% Clay and Vegetable Based

Purifying Shampoo Bar

Our shampoo bar was created with you and the environment in mind, including biodegradable, recyclable packaging and a concise list of simple ingredients with amazing benefits. Supplying only what you need in a travel-friendly form, it boasts no synthetic oils or chemicals, no formula fillers, and no plastic waste. Being gentle and naturally purifying, it is safe for all hair types.

The calming aroma of sandalwood oil will wash stress and anxiety right down the drain. A scent with a cause, it cleanses, balances, and stimulates from root to tip while reducing the effects of environmental stress to create ideal scalp conditions and healthy, shiny hair. Volcanic clay minerals conduct detoxifying exfoliation without stripping valuable nutrients. Vitamins B, C, and E boost hydration, moisture, and circulation to revitalize dull, damaged hair. Rich, conditioning oils and butters extend healing and protection to preserve softness and definition.

Our Shampoo Bar is plastic-free! Great for camping, hiking, and everyday use at the gym.

Make traveling easy minimizing carry-on liquids in your carry-on bags a breeze!

give your dry dull hair a natural sheen. Natural Clays can be beneficial for preventing hair loss. Stimulating blood circulation in the scalp to encourage optimal hair growth. The astringent in sandalwood oil is also useful in getting rid of excess sebum secretions for those with an oily scalp.

  • Coconut Oilcan nourish, tone, and protect with its array of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. It helps prevent protein loss, preserving proper cell function. Your cells can continue to support, balance, and repair as they should. As an antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, it cleanses and helps prevent infections. Its antioxidant properties offer protection against environmental damage.
  • Shea Butteris an emollient that doubles as a conditioner, sealing in protective moisture and oils to soothe scalp irritation, reduce frizz and dryness, and boost shine. In addition to absorbing effortlessly, it leaves a non-greasy layer of protection against heat and UV damage. Fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins aid cell renewal and overall healing by helping correct the body’s inflammatory response and activating regulatory cytokines to fight irritation and prevent infection.
  • Ionic Clay Minerals,including more than 57 trace minerals, are supplied by the presence of volcanic (bentonite) clay, which is formed by the mixture of aged volcanic ash and water. They gently exfoliate, removing toxins and excess oils along the way. They have the ability to cleanse and dissolve product buildup while also replenishing hydration and conditioning. This non-stripping process preserves and enhances precious nutrients, moisture, and the protective skin barrier. Through promoting balance and healing of your hair and scalp, it helps restore shine, softness, and definition.
  • Cocoa Butternourishes and conditions with its collection of antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, and fatty acids. These components help to reduce scalp irritation, enhance softness and shine, support healthy hair growth, and protect against environmental stressors.
  • Vitamin B detangle slow brittle thinning and breakage add slip full healthy and shiny hydrates and strengthens help disperse oxygen and nutrients
  • Vitamin C antioxidantscollagen for healthy hair growth anti-aging effects protect against oxidative stress
  • Vitamin Efeeds hair with antioxidants and intense moisture. It helps neutralize free radicals and enhance circulation to make way for healthy hair growth and restored shine. moisturizes and conditions to prevent breakage and correct dullness. This antioxidant fights off free radicals which are known for drastically affecting the health and texture of skin and hair.
  • Oatmeal
  • Sandalwood Oilhas been utilized medicinally for its healing, pain-relieving powers.  The woodsy scent, alone, produces calming, mood-balancing effects. Anti-cancer compounds, such as alpha-santalol, work to reduce the effects of environmental stress. Sandalwood replenishes moisture to leave your hair smooth and shiny. It boasts antimicrobial, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to resist infection, balance oils, and perfect scalp texture to aid the prevention of irritated skin and dandruff. In aiding the stimulation of healthy keratin production and hair growth, it provides root to tip restoration.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Ionic Clay Minerals, Cocoa Butter, Vitamins B, C & E, Oatmeal, Volcanic Clay, and Sandalwood Oil.


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