Aromatherapy: Spices & Savory Scents Card #1 of 3 set


This is a great little two sided wallet card that has so much good information to always have on hand! It gives you information on types of spices you can use as essential oils for an aroma in the air or in a bath or massage oil/ lotions. This is a set of 3 cards, this one is #1 of the set and is a basic A-Z spice scents. Some of the herbs on this card are Basil, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg, black pepper ect.

All of the Aromatherapy, Health & Massage Uses of Essential Oils
are in one easy reference group with these seven cards: 

(3 on herbs, 2 on flowers, 1 on fruits, & 1 on spices)


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