Ayurvedic Class



Ayurveda 101

Curious about dipping your toe into the endless pool of knowledge that is Ayurveda?

Join Ayurvedic Health Educator Wendy Kendall as she guides you through this ancient holistic healing system which can: improve your sleep, clarity, boost your metabolism, repair your relationship to food and your body, and increase mental clarity.

Take the first step by signing up! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, 10/19/17 from 7:30-9pm at Momentum 98 3509 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 43214


This workshop will:

Introduce the basic concepts and elements of Ayurveda

Explain the Causes of Disease from an Ayurvedic perspective

The Five Element Theory

The 3 Doshas and the Constitution

What a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist Does and What Happens in a Consultation

The Cost of a Consultation

Participants will receive:

tridoshic tea

daily guidelines for returning to one’s optimal state of well-being

a talisman


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