Perfect Eyesight (New), Art Improving Vision


A Complete Course in Eyesight Healing:

*Find out the real eye health and healing secrets passed down from the master teachers.

*Find out how you can attain Perfect Eyesight without glasses or surgery!

*Perfect Eyesight contains the latest and most important vision improvement discoveries of the decade!

*The Zuraw Personal Eyesight Training System stems from 39 years of research and testing.

Discover the Inner Eye secrets behind..

  • The Egyptian "Black Dot" & "Letter Gazing" techniques
  • Improve distant vision with "Positive Lens" glasses
  • Special easy-to-do, no routine, natural eye exercises
  • Special internal Chi Kung exercises for the eyes
  • Ayurvedic analysis of nutritional body types for the eyes
  • Chinese five elements body typing vision system
  • Special liver cleansing foods to strengthen vision
  • Toxic foods to avoid that destroy vision and health
  • 3 extraordinary 10 minute eye improvement techniques
  • Oriental eye pressure points, foot trapping and hara massage systems
  • The secret Black Globe Palming exercise
  • The Tibetan Peripheral Vision Technique
  • Nutrition, herbs and super foods for clear vision....and more!!!


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