Elixir Kombucha Tea (Booklet)



Hello, my name is Danny Bravin. During the Vietnam war I was a fresh-faced young G.I. working in Army hospitals attending the wounded, the broken and the sick. After the was and in the years that followed I moved to California to continue my work in the alternative health business. I worked for St. Genevieve Medical Group in Gardena California and for years had my own clinics in Redondo Beach and the San Fernando Valley.

In these past years, I met some incredible people. People of beauty, people of strength, and people with winged minds. I also met the afflicted, the hurtful and the suffering and I can tell you quite categorically that there is hell and it's right here on Earth!!!!

Hell is living in a wheel chair, being dependent on others for the most fundamental of functions, and feeling yourself becoming more bitter, more brittle, and more dry.

Hell is being too weak to go to the bathroom.

Hell is having a hard time walking, standing, talking, and breathing. Hell is "learning to live with pain".

Hell is watching your body being destroyed with drugs, surgery and radiation as you slowly disintegrate and waste away.

There's overwhelming evidence that suffering and diseases, especially the ones associated with advancing age are, for the most part, preventable. Prevention is more effective with the root causes are addressed early and a healthful program is integrated into daily living. A life style which includes common-sense nutrition, physical conditioning, emotional honesty and a psychological balance. That type of lifestyle will allow it's owner to live a long, healthy, productive and fulfilling life.
We do not know how long our journey on earth will be. We can make sure, however, that however long we do have, we will remain strong, lucid, loose, pain-free, juicy, sensuous, sexy, smooth and radiantly healthy.

History, preparation and where to get it!
This amazing book will reveal to you the origin, history, abundant benefits, where to get it, and how to brew the tea yourself.


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