Living Word, The - Book 2


This second collection of Sri Harold’s articles from the Mystic World and the Eckankar Journal illustrates, through stories and techniques, how we can plan for and achieve tangible spiritual growth. Learn to:

  • Hear and see the Light and Sound of God
  • Become a happier person
  • Understand your dreams
  • See your spiritual life with a fresh outlook
For instance, here are three tips to help you improve the quality of your spiritual life through dreams:

  • Dream—get plenty of rest for a few days. Then go to sleep with the intention of remembering some of the places you visit while your human self lies sleeping. (It helps to write the dreams down as soon as you awaken.)
  • Interpret your dreams—ask the Dream Master to let you see each dream on three levels: the daily, the emotional/mental, and the spiritual.
  • Realize your dreams—take the dream lessons and apply them to your everyday life.
One of the most exciting aspects of studying the ECK teachings is knowing and living the fact that we are the creators of our own destiny. We learn to recognize our experiences of spiritual connection. To experience the richness and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


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