Healing Triad The


Your Liver--Your Lifeline explores the role of the ancient, yet newly discovered "Liver Triad" in overall health. Your liver is your main defense against environmental pollution and the many diseases and ailments it causes, as well as allergies, weakened immunity, and fatigue. Your liver is the foundation in the organ system known to the ancient Chinese as the Healing Triad. It is the key to your biochemistry and thus an important key to your health. The proper functioning of this organ triad is essential for longevity and optimal health. Find out how: The liver protects you from environmental posons; Your thoughts affect your health; The liver works to support your immune system; To heal or strengthen your most important organ; To break the Toxic Stress Cycle; To nourish your body to help your liver; The liver relates to allergies, skin eruptions, PMS, fatigue and other syndromes; Herbs work to help the liver; A healthy liver is essential to the effectiveness of vitamin therapy. Your Liver--Your Lifeline is a fascinating, easy to understand discourse on the liver, it's bio-energy, and a new system of herbology that focuses specifically on working with the body to health and maintain itself the way Nature intended.


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