Vitamin Bible


Pharmaceutical and nutritional information is considered for explaining to the public the confusing and sometimes dangerous interrelation of drugs and vitamins. Topics are arranged among 5 principal themes. The first covers basic facts of vitimins and other nutrients including how nutrients work, the composition of vitamin pills, the characteristics, function, daily requirements, toxicity, deficiency effects, and personal advice on 24 vitamins, from vitamin A to vitamn U. Essential minerals, misconceptions and truths of protein, lipids, carbohydrates, and enzymes are also covered. The second theme covers vitamin needs for various ages, work professions, and activities. The need for specific supplements for specific diseases and disorders is discussed. The third theme covers vitamins vs. drugs, such as caffeine, alcohol, prescriptions, salt and diets. The fourth theme discusses vitamins for physical and cosmetic health; and the fifth area covers vitamins for dogs and cat pets. A selected bibliography for further reading is appended. (wz).


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