Cancer - A Simple Approach


In most people's eyes, cancer is one of the most mysterious and dreaded diseases of all. It exists to this day, regardless of the countless dollars being spent on research, without a known medical 'cure.'...The answer to cancer, and all illness, lies within the human body." Thus begins Linda Brooks' latest work on cancer prevention. Undoubtedly a powerful statement on cancer and cancer research today. Linda Brooks presents a simple, no nonsense approach to disease prevention. Relying on common sense and what has worked for our ancestors, this approach avoids common medical "wisdom" that has proven ineffective at prevention and only treats symptoms. Chapters in Cancer-A Simple Approach cover: Unveiling the Mystery (Just what is Cancer) Natural Defense The Breakdown...How Cancer Begins How Rebounding Works Against Cancer Feeding The Body With Back To Basics Nutrition Healthy Colon: Healthy You And MORE! "Cancer is no mystery. It is the result of an inefficient immune system. Simplify your approach, address the real problem, and enjoy vibrant health."

by Linda Brooks


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