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The Sunfood™ Difference

Maca root was a sacred crop of the Incas, with Black Maca being the most rare and valuable.

Maca was cherished by Incan warriors for its power to increase energy, stamina and strength for battle. Today, athletes are enjoying the same benefits discovered centuries ago.

Grown at a high elevation in its native habitat in the Peruvian Andes, our Black Maca Powder is simply made by grinding sun-dried roots into a fine powder. 

More benefits of Black Maca...

Maca is a root vegetable and a member of the cruciferous family, closely related to cabbage, turnips, broccoli, and many other familiar greens like kale and arugula. Originating over 5,000 years ago in the Peruvian Andes, the Lepidium meyenii (maca) plant was used by ancient Incas to increase physical performance, fight aging, enhance libido and virility, balance hormones and moods, and more. The plant is dug out of the ground, dried, and crushed to form the powder we take as a daily superfood today.

There are different types of Maca, associated with each of their colors: Red, Yellow, and Black are the most popular. Black Maca is the rarest and most valuable with the highest content levels of phytochemicals, trace minerals, and nutrients.

Where does Sunfood’s Black Maca Powder come from?

Maca was discovered thousands of years ago in Peru, South America when Incan farmers noticed that after grazing on the root vegetable, sheep would become healthier, happier, hardier, and more virile. There is archeological evidence that ancient Inca warriors in South America used Maca for enhanced stamina in battle. Peruvian women also took the root vegetable as a powdered herb to assist with PMS and menopause, increase their libido and estrogen levels, and even enhance fertility. 

Maca is still grown by the Quechua people of the Peruvian Andes at altitudes over 14,000 feet above sea level. In fact, Maca is the highest-altitude crop grown on the Earth today. Because it is natively grown at high altitudes, Sunfood Black Maca Powder is an ideal superfood for those living in high altitudes, cold climates, or with active physical lifestyles, though anyone will benefit from adding maca to their diet.

Why Black Maca?

While all maca resembles a turnip, there are primarily three different colors of maca: Red, Yellow/White, and Black. The three macas are all from the same species but may contain differences in composition.

Black Maca is sometimes considered "men's maca" as it seems to be the strongest for male related benefits. In one study at the Peruvian University in 2009, Black Maca was found to be the best version for increasing sperm production, volume, and mobility, as well as the best maca for increasing libido and testosterone in men. As recent as 2013, one study reported that Black Maca has a positive effect on the formation of sperm cells as well. Men wishing to increase their fertility are most likely to benefit from Sunfood Black Maca Powder.  However, both genders will benefit in an increase in libido, extra stamina and strength, improved memory, concentration, and focus, decreased brain fog, inflammation, and mood swings, as well as enhanced bone strength and density.

Black Maca Nutrients

The maca root (of any color) contains over 22 fatty acids, with a higher lipid content than any other root crop, giving the body healthy daily levels of linolenic, palmitic, and oleic acids to fight inflammation and support a healthy brain and heart. Black Maca contains all the essential and many non-essential amino acids and very high levels of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Maca also contains potassium, selenium, zinc, copper, sodium, iron, bismuth, tin, silicone, manganese, vitamins B1, B2, C, and E, among many more trace minerals that contribute to a longer, healthier life.

Reproductive, Endocrine, & Overall Health with Black Maca

With all of those minerals and nutrients, black maca assists the body in many different ways, throughout various organ systems.

  • • Bone, Muscle, & Joint Health: Black Maca may decrease arthritis symptoms and helps athletes recover from workouts quickly with high contents of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, silicone, and more
  • • Skin health: Black Maca may improve skin health through silicone, selenium, zinc, and more which all fight free radicals and oxidants, promote cell regeneration, and increase collagen
  • • Brain & Heart Health: Many minerals such as potassium and iron assist in overall cognitive function, maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, improving memory, and more
  • • Reproductive Health: In both men and women, fertility, virility, and increased libido are side effects of black maca powder. Incas often used maca as an aphrodisiac. In fact, in one study, black maca root powder was shown to increase men's reproductive health just one day after beginning the supplement!

Energy, Performance, & Mood Health

Black Maca works at the cellular level to generate energy right in the mitochondria, leading to increased energy overall without the stimulant effects of caffeine or similar substances. It is invigorating, uplifting, awakening, and powerful. The ancient Incas used Maca Root in a variety of ways, but primarily for overall health and energy. Many modern Andeans drink maca in the morning as one might coffee or tea.

Athletes may experience increased endurance before fatigue sets in, as many studies have shown in rats and humans. In one study, black maca directly resulted in rats swimming for much longer before fatigue set in. Black Maca supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, helps nourish the liver, assists in recovery after workouts or strenuous activities, supports mood and hormonal health, and more.

Black Maca for Age Related Problems

As beneficial as Sunfood's Black Maca Powder can be for young athletes, it is equally helpful in combatting age-related problems.  Black Maca eliminates the effects of aging such as memory loss, brain fog, arthritis, chronic fatigue, menopause, decreases in testosterone, immune system function, muscle and joint pain, sagging skin, decreased libido, and more.

Serving Suggestions

Black Maca is very powerful, so it is suggested if you are new to this superfood to start small and adjust as your body becomes accustomed to its potency. We recommend one to two teaspoons per day. You can encapsulate black maca powder, but many love the taste and add it to smoothies, pudding, tea, coffee, or water.

It is suggested to take Maca as a morning supplement due to its "wake up call" effect on the body. Some recommend taking it in the afternoon when hormone and energy levels are at their lowest. Because there is no stimulant or crash effect as with caffeine, this is certainly possible for many. Again, start at the lowest recommended dose in the morning and adjust as needed.


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