Ancient Raw Food Diet


The Ancient Raw Food Diet (TARFD) is the complete, honest explanation of WHOLE FOOD RAW FOODISM. Bezanis compares and defines both RAW FOODISM and Conventional eating to remarkable affect. The book is profound with "Ah Ha's" on almost every page. Other books on Raw Food are weak, offering slight changes and pseudo RAW FOODS. Here, you get what you paid for, the bold face truth.  

This book says what it means, and means exactly what it says. TARFD offers the steps anyone can follow to success. This book gives you the exact diet to follow to go RAW, plus charts with tables for easy use. Its 97 pages and over 100 illustrations have the impact of 500, like a hand held college education. Author Roger Bezanis is a living example of Raw Foodism, having lived, breathed and researched this data for over 15 years.  

Because of Mr. Bezanis' tireless work, Raw Foodism is exploding worldwide to great physical and emotional success. People who were getting worse, are now improving as they are taking control of their lives and bodies. Through this book, we now have the power to control our health by what we eat on a daily basis. It is a must read instant classic.


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