Indium New Mineral Discovery


Indium New Mineral Discovery of The 21st Century, 3rd Edition 2009, 88 page Paperback,

Raising the amount of minerals a gland can absorb is a nutritional breakthrough in glandular performance.

There is a new use for an old mineral that may be the most far-reaching nutritional breakthrough of the 21st Century.

The 7th-rarest element, #49 INDIUM, is not water-soluble, so poorly-absorbed in the food chain by plants and animals, leaving people 99% deficient.
88 Pages, 5x7, softcover, recycled paper with
biodegradable soy ink.


5” x 7” x 1/4”, with 15 charts and photos, in soy ink on recycled paper, 3.5 oz., by Dr. Joseph B. Marion N.D. and Information Pioneers Publisher, ISBN No. 0-964499994,

Describes the history and science of Element No. 49 Indium, Earth’s latest greatest trace nutriment that mice studies showed raised mineral absorption 60-300% for ultimate gland rebuilding, natural intelligence, vitality and easy-living longevity, power In a drop.
Indium New Mineral Discovery Of The 21st Century 3rd Edition 2009, 88-page paperback,

Chronicals the history and science of supermineral element-49 Indium invention and Patents, illustrated with graphic charts visualizing Indium’s 60% to 300% increase in gland mineral absorption. Many fascinating testimonials report Indium’s enhanced Level-2 performance benefits. Dartmouth University Medical School’s mice studies showed Indium raised gland absorption of other minerals 60-300% for higher mineral reserves in tissues rebuilt to “Level-2.” Catalyst Indium enabled 26-42% fewer lifetime cancers and tumors, less fat deposition, living 7% longer with restored youthful hormone output that humans report makes them experience prime age-25 “easy-living” again from Indium, the most important nutritional discovery of 21st Century remineralization. Indiumease is reported helping people see, hear, and move better, to do what you must do - when you need to do it.” The old paradigm of living sickly with low mineral reserves has transformed to vibrant Level-2 healthy immunity with Indiumease The Silver Bullet, endowing a feeling of easy living. Civilization advances by improved health, attitude and productivity, while costs of health insurance and dis-ease management fall. The easy-to-read informative narrative chronicals the pioneering astounding discovery and final 1999 U.S. Patent for nutritional use of Indium in humans. The Missing-Link mineral-raising nutritional power that Indiumease provides advances us into the 21st Century, enabling cutting-edge achievement of professional immunity in these challenging times. Indium New Mineral Discovery of the 21st Century is written as an educational tool for all people, young and old, to understand minerals as the nutritional foundation of health and longevity, trouble-free birthing and rearing, economic longevity, and heightened awareness. Besides babyboomers, naturopathic physicians, health food stores, body-builders, and athletes all look for the latest wholistic discoveries and advantage, as do elders looking for advances against degenerative diseases and natural alternatives to toxic conventional treatments. This book describes the latest and greatest nutritional discovery, and why it is imperative we take Indium daily. (less)
Kindle Edition, 47 pages
Published September 20th 2015 by Information Pioneers Publisher
Edition LanguageEnglish


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