Unbleached Ancient Ear Candle Pair With Literature 10 in. Pair


What is Ear Coning?

Ear coning is a safe, simple home remedy for gently removing excess wax and toxins from inside the ears. Long, tapered cones are inserted into the ears and lit. The herbal smoke generated works to draw debris out of the ear by osmosis. The entire process is relaxing and noninvasive.

Ancient Cone Candling Ceremony

As part of their traditional beliefs, the Ancients understood that the ear contains nerve endings
and acupuncture points to every other area of the body - including subtle connections to the mind and emotions. They also believed that nerve endings were connected by streams of the delicate energy flow which carries the life force energy. When hearing was impaired or blocked, people felt disconnected from that energy. They performed candling to allow for clear vibrational flow. This tradition was also preliminary to many other ceremonies.


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