Activated Charcoal 18 oz


Available mid June 2023.

*This size no  longer comes with a removable lid.*

Charcoal can absorb:



The information is published by courtesy of Millard and Wilson Brand Activated Charcoal.

Charcoal has been used as a folk remedy as far back as recorded history. North American Indians used it for the treatment of gas pains long before our ancestors came to this continent. Hippocrates, as well as ancient Egyptian doctors, suggested the use of charcoal for medicinal purposes. Physicians & Natural Healers have used charcoal throughout the world for over 200 years. Charcoal placed in gas masks during World War I counteracted the effects of chemical warfare.


Many years of research have proven that charcoal is a safe and very effective natural healing agent, and is free of dangerous side effects. Charcoal acts to purify and cleanse the body due to its amazing ability to attract itself to, and absorb many poisons, heavy metals and toxins. Charcoal can absorb thousands of times its own weight in gases, heavy metals, poisons and other chemicals, thus making them ineffective or harmless.

Activated carbon is used in metal extraction, water purification, medicine, sewage treatment, air filters in gas masks and filter masks, filters in compressed air and gas purification, and many other applications.

Charcoal has been found to be effective as antidotes, spider bites, bad breath, ear and eye infections, as a deodorant, toxin removal, elimination of gas, infection and inflammation cure, jaundice and pain elimination, and cure for some indigestion and diarrhea problems. Charcoal absorbs intestinal gas and deodorizes foul-smelling gas or stools. Charcoal is used in water purification, air purification, and for removing undesirable odors and impurities in food.

Among the substances known to be absorbed to the surface of charcoal are poisons (such as lead acetate, DDT strychnine), drugs (including aspirin, cocaine, iodine, phenobarbital, penicillin), and inorganic substances (among them mercury, chlorine, lead). Every private home should have charcoal on hand as a ready antidote for poisoning and as a cleansing agent in infections and various metabolic disturbances, especially where children are involved.

Charcoal is considered the most valuable single agent currently available for treating poisonings when used internally, and when used in most poultices, charcoal can give relief in spider, insect and many snake bites.

Orally administered charcoal is effective in preventing many intestinal infections. Charcoal has been used externally to effectively absorb wound secretions, bacteria, and toxins, and in packs to treat infections of the face, ears, eyelids, and extremities. All studies show that charcoal is harmless when ingested or comes into contact with the skin, even when it is inhaled accidentally. No allergies to it have been reported.

Charcoal is without rival as an agent for cleansing and assisting the healing processes of the body. It is considered to be medicine's most powerful absorbent and is one constituent of the "Universal Antidote"; however, some researchers have shown that charcoal is more effective alone, than in combination. It is of interest to note that even today the mechanism by which charcoal works, either from a physical or chemical standpoint, is not completely known.


For internal use, a good grade of activated charcoal should be used.

The best and most effective charcoal is activated charcoal. This activation process renders it 2 to 3 times as effective as regular charcoal, the activation being accomplished by fine grinding and processing by steam. Charcoal from burnt toast is considered worthless, and charcoal briquettes dangerous, due to the added petro-chemicals. Activated charcoal powder is easily taken orally by placing a spoonful in a glass, adding water, juice, etc., stirring it and drinking it. Charcoal is odorless and tasteless. Powdered, activated charcoal reaches its maximal rate of absorption extremely rapidly, within one minute after ingestion.


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