he Colon Health Handbook by Robert Gray
Did you know that the colon and digestive tract of nearly every adult is burdened with a lifetime's accumulation of toxic waste material? Did you know that the presence of this toxic waste material can cause constipation or diarrhea? Low energy due to weak blood? Vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to decreased ability of the body to absorb nutrients? Interference with the ability of the lymphatic system to resist disease? Harmful substances to enter into the bloodstream and be carried to every cell of the body? Have you considered the possible benefits of removing those several pounds of waste that never leaves the bodies of most people?

This book is a synthesis of information gathered from many sources, including modern medical science, ancient Chinese medicine, the Western disciplines of Iridology and Naturopathy, and the author's personal study, observation, and experiences. There are differing views among these various disciplines, and the scope of any of them. The conclusions expressed herein are those of the author. This book is intended for educational purposes, and it should not be used as a guide for the diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease. The reader needing guidance on any particular health-care problem should seek the help of a licensed health-care professional of his or her choice.
Nearly any disease can be due to a toxic colon !
Even though a person may be unaware of any colon difficulties, toxic waste stored in the colon can be a causative factor for nearly any disease. It took Robert Gray five years of research to fully explain why. Now The Colon Health Handbook provides the fascinating account of his discoveries.  His answers to important questions related to colon health are revealed, along with explanations of the many ways the condition of colon is interconnected with the health of the entire body. Moreover, all factors leading to an unhealthy colon are identified.
A new breakthrough unveiled...
Robert Gray spent years of research to develop a colon cleansing program that would: involve only a few minutes per day, require no difficult procedures such as fasting, enemas, or special diet, yet be both gentler and more effective than any other method. He describes the fulfillment of his efforts as an easy-to-follow, self-administered herbal technique for cleansing the colon and entire digestive tract. Now his unique 60-day program is unveiled to you in The Colon Health Handbook.


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