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Information from Amazon Therapeutics:

This oleoresin accumulates in the cavities of the Copaiba tree and is harvested by tapping or drilling holes into the wood of the trunk and collecting the resin that drips out. This process is similar to how maple syrup is collected. One copaiba tree can provide about 40 liters of oleoresin annually. This makes it an incredible sustainable rainforest resource that can be harvested without destroying the tree or the forest in which it grows. The harvesting and processing of Copaiba oil makes up about 95% of Brazil’s oil-resin production industry.

When harvested, the oily resin is clear, thin, and colorless. Once contact is made with the air, it thickens and darkens. Our Copaiba varies in color from pale yellow to golden light brown. Although it is often referred to a balsam or oil, it is actually an oleoresin.  When taken internally it contains chemicals that could potentially assist in supporting the immune system.*

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