Tung Shueh Pills 90 Tabs


(Also known as "Tong Xue" (Tung Shueh or Tong Xue used interchangeably on label.)

Use for: arthritis, back and joint pain, as well as recent muscle injuries. People with fibromyalgia have noted improvement in their condition as well.

In ancient China, body discomfort or pain was often interpreted as an energy blockage or impeded blood circulation.

Pain was described in terms of familiar weather-like conditions. Pain that moved or changed location was described as WIND blockage. People who predict changes in weather because of achy joints has pain caused by DAMP or COLD. When joints felt hot or inflamed it was said to be caused by HEAT in the body.
Early herbalists recognized that certain herbs countered these symptoms: circulation of the blood and energy in the body. This information was recorded and passed on through generations of medical practitioners. Tung Shueh Pills take advantage of this traditional knowledge to improve circulation in the body. Tung translates as circulate and Shueh refers to blood. The function of the pills in terms of Oriental medicine is to disperse the energy and blood blockages which cause discomfort. Below are summaries of actions of the herbs in Tung Shueh Pills.

3-9 tablets per day


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