Dr. Sherry Rogers was one of the first to point out to Americans that a solution to this toxic world that we live in could be ....
Far infrared Saunas !
Before this classic book, many others have pointed out in their books
that we live in a toxic world, and that toxemia is the cause of most (or all) disease.
And since Dr. Roger's book, others have added their 2 cents, and also pointed out so many medical benefits that  Far Infrared Energy can provide.


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  • does it help with Lyme disease

    We demonstrate the Relax sauna at the ILADS lyme disease conference and have had many people report their good results to us, below is a video of one such user. At the bottom there is another link to more testimonials. 

    Relax Sauna is the First Thing that Helped Casey with Lyme Disease and Toxicity Casey has had Lyme disease and mold toxicity for several years and has has been trying to recover and get healthy.  He had not sweat in over a year.  He tried the Relax sauna for 20 minutes and broke a sweat for the first time.  The next day when he tried it he was just drenched.  He felt that the difference after 2 days of trying and it was just amazing.  At expos in the past he had Heart Rate Variability tests done about 6 times.  He had been trying things for over a year and said that the first time he recorded any change or had any success register on the test was after he used the Relax sauna.      He said that 2 days before he had felt low energy and now he feels great.  He said it feels soothing and that he now feels more alive.

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