90% Dmso/10%Distilled Water Gel (Sky Blue)


In the famous (10 cassette tape) Herbal Lecture Series, Dr. Christopher enthusiastically mentions the ability of DMSO to penetrate deeply into the tissue and relieve pain. He tells a story on how people around the wood pulp industry noticed that their arthritis went away. The connection was made, and word spread.

DMSO is known,  when applied to the skin, (and along with whatever elements are integrated with it) to carry those nutrients deep into the cells of the body. It can also cause a strong garlic-like odor.

We have been selling these products for over 15 years now. They have sold steadily for years - many testimonials have come our way. Reports of DMSO used as a unique, global therapeutic agent used for the treatment of many painful and inflammatory conditions are widespread.

You can do the research on the internet on the folklore and history of DMSO.


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