GOLDEN HEALING SALVE by Equinox Botanicals


This Golden Salve can be used for wounds, burns, infections, skin rejuvenation,
sunburn, rashes, chapped skin, diaper rash, cradle cap, dry noses or other skin abrasions.
It is one of the products we have been carrying the longest.
We recommend it for any kind of skin difficulties, especially cuts & burns.

It's one of those ointments that belongs in everyone's medicine chest.

For the life of me, it's a wonder that it's not more well known.
Anyone who gets tattooed in Columbus, Ohio usually makes
their way over here for a bottle of this precious salve.

Olive, safflower & coconut oils, beeswax, propolis, goldenseal root, comfrey root,
calendula, yellow dock, balm of gilead, vitamin E oil, gum benzoin.

Comfrey is known as the knitbone herb, Propolis is known for fighting infections,
and Calendula is a well known herb used for healing.


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