Green Blend 4 oz - Energy, Digestion & Gut Health - Sunfood


Information from Sunfood:

Simple Nutrition Green Blend is a carefully selected variety of greens and fruits with added probiotics and prebiotics. Greens are the powerhouses of nutrients that can help keep the gut happy, digestion running smoothly, the body working optimally, and you feeling great. Including greens in your daily diet is key to a healthy and robust immune system and well-being. Increase energy, feel great, and look great with Simple Nutrition Green Blend.



Simple Nutrition Green BlendTM (wheat grass juice powder*, barley grass juice powder*, spinach powder*, kale powder*, broccoli powder*), pineapple juice powder*, lemon juice powder*, Jerusalem artichoke inulin*, sea salt, natural flavor*, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086®, stevia powder*.



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