Green Papaya Powder 5 oz - Digestive Aid - Royal Tropics


Information from Royal Tropics:

Maintains Maximum Digestive Action Naturally—100% Pure

Royal Tropics: Green Papaya. Papain is a milky juice, which is found only in the green papaya fruit. Used internally, papain is very effective in the treatment of indigestion originating in the stomach or intestines. Papain transforms proteins into peptones, which are more easily absorbed into the bloodstream, thus facilitating protein assimilation and improving digestion.

This powder is made from the mature green papaya which contains the highest sources of papain and chymopapain. Used as a dietary supplement, these enzymes create a very powerful digestive action especially helpful in high protein diets. Our Green Papaya Powder is dried at a low temperature in order to retain the highest level of enzymatic activity, the most prevalent of which is papain.



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