Special Formula Bulking Agent (Holistic Horizons)


Special Formula Bulking Agent is the original bulking agent formulation. This formulation is preferred primarily by persons with severe infestations of candida parasitic yeast. Others prefer its lesser diuretic activity, and some simply prefer its different taste. Whatever the reason, Special Formula Bulking Agent may be used in place of the Intestinal Bulking Agent II or III whenever necessary or desired.

Like the Intestinal Bulking Agent II or III, the Special Formula Bulking Agent will enhance the growth of lactobacteria in the body when used together with the Intestinal Cleansing Formula tablets. Since lactobacteria are antagonistic to the parasitic candida organisms, rapidly increasing lactobacteria may rapidly kill the candida as well. If the candida infestation is severe, candida may be killed so rapidly that well-known candida "die-off" reactions occur, such as headaches, nausea, constipation, gas, and other symptoms. The Special Formula Bulking Agent formulation increases lactobacteria much more slowly than does the Intestinal Bulking Agent II or III so that candida die-off reactions will usually not occur.

This product is a blend of premium quality powdered herbs taken one to four times daily with liquid throughout the cleansing period. Its primary herbal constituent, psyllium, is supplemented by other palliative herbs to enhance effectiveness while acting gently on the system. (2+ bottles required for each month of cleansing)


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