Khella (Herbs Of Light)


(Ammi visnaga, Wildcrafted seed)
Affects / Product Information:
Respiratory and Blood.

Repigmentation agent used to treat acute and chronic Vitiligo by stimulating the production of 'natural Melanin'. Diuretic, Antispasmodic with specific action as a coronary vasodilator, bronchodilator, and urinary tract antispasmodic.

It contains coumarins and furanochromones, (psoralens) such as khellin and visnagin, and a small amount of volatile oil. Khellin has been used in treatment of skin diseases like vitiligo and psoriasis.may be useful in re pigmenting the skin of people with vitiligo. Khellin, the active constituent, appears to work like psoralen drugs—it stimulates re-pigmentation of the skin by increasing sensitivity of remaining melanocytes to sunlight.

Khella improves blood supply to the myocardium and makes myocardial metabolism more efficient. The antispasmodic activity may be partially due to the calcium antagonist effect. Khella is used to treat mild forms of angina, mild obstructive pulmonary disease and as an antispasmodic for cases of acute urinary tract stones and for interstitial cystitus.

Liquid: Shake well. Take 20-30 drops in juice or water 3 times a day, 6 days a week.

Not to be used during pregnancy. It is contra indicated also for it decreases the toxicity of the cardiac glycoside, digitoxin, due to the coronary vasodilator and anti-arrhythmic effects.


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