Sublingual B12, B6, & Folic Acid 30 ct


The sublingual form of B-12 is absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue and cheeks allowing it to by pass digestion and quickly enter the blood stream.

Vitamin B-12 Studies show that Sublingual B-12, B-6 and Folic Acid is readily absorbed in the bloodstream, raising blood levels on average by 90%. B-12 that is taken orally, not sublingually, only increases blood levels by 1.2%.

Increased intake of Folic Acid and Vitamins B-6 and B-12 can reduce blood levels of homocyseine an amino acid associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease and heart Disease.


  • -Powerful Natural Energy Booster
  • -Promotes Restful Sleep and Emotional Balance
  • -Increases Mental Clarity
  • -Reduces Risk for Heart Disease & Alzheimer's Disease
  • -Includes B6 & Folic Acid


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