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Intestinal Cleansing Formula is the key cleansing product in the program. It is a tableted formulation of premium quality herbs developed specifically to loosen and soften stagnant mucoid plaque in the intestines. It is taken orally one to four times per day along with one of the Bulking Agent products (~200 tablets for each month of cleansing)

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HH User B.T.
As described in Robert Gray's book.

I first did the R.G. H.H. cleanse 30 years ago, after reading a story in a magazine about its successful use. It worked like a charm; the course of the cleanse (ie, symptoms occurring as you proceed over weeks) was as described by Robert Gray in his book, results occurred just as he said they would! I took both the Intestinal Cleansing Tablets as well as the psyllium mixture.

This time round, I seem unable to tolerate the psyllium, so I am taking only the tablets, and they are working as described. I have read that aging or old people are known to experience a slowing of the digestive process if they take a fiber product.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Robert Gray Holistic Horizons products.


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  • Hello :-) Howcome the price says 19.99 under the picture of 250 tablets when I search the product and when I click on the price changes to 42.49 USD?

    Hi there Bettina,

    Thank you for your question.

    The listing has two options, 100 count tablets and 250 count tablets.

    The price changes depending upon which one you choose in the drop down menu before adding the item to your cart.

    The $19.99 price is for the 100 tablet option.

    We hope this helps!

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