LivaLatte is the most unique drink available. It’s powered by wild and organic dandelion root powder, plus wild chaga and maca. It’s called LivaLatte because it contains all you need to support overall liver and gallbladder health. Dandelion root also supports healthy kidney function. LivaLatte supports healthy elimination, while also giving you the energy and strength you need every day.* Wild chaga, birch bark, and maca are rich in natural compounds, like SOD and plant sterols, which help your body adapt to stress.

Drink LivaLatte daily to boost your overall health. Use it as a delicious, healthy coffee alternative. Sprinkle it over desserts. You will see the difference right away–the North American Herb & Spice guarantee. Use it with coconut milk, ideally, as the fatty acids in coconut milk help boost liver function.

The healthy ingredients of LivaLatte are as follows:

wild and organic dandelion root
wild, raw chaga
wild, raw birch bark
organic maca
organic cinnamon extract
organic yacon powder
Jerusalem artichoke powder
Liva ‘Coconut’ Latte Recipe

1 cup coconut milk
1-2 tsp. LivaLatte
2 tsp. raw honey

Heat coconut milk and whisk in LivaLatte, adding raw honey when ready to serve.

Coconut Oil LivaLatte in Almond Milk Recipe

1 cup almond or other nut milk
2 tsp. virgin coconut oil or organic butter
1-2 tsp. LivaLatte
a few dashes cardamom (optional)
1 tsp. raw yacon or agave syrup

Heat milk and whisk in LivaLatte, then add oil and finish with cardamom and yacon or agave syrup.

100 grams


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