Hitachi: Single-Head Magic Wand Hv-260


This old school hand-held massager has been around for more than 25 years, with good reason. Its low vibration works as well on your sore back as it does in the bedroom. If there is any doubt, google it for worldwide rave reviews.


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  • What model number are u selling Hv 250r Or hv 260?

    We carry the HV-260 model.

  • Hello, are you selling the EXACT version that's shown on the image ? The one with the brand Hitachi near the on/off switch, the one with the metal head and the powerful engine ? May sellers show the Hitachi version, while they send the "original" version. I'm searching for the version that's shown on your image.

    Hi there. We have the HV-260 model by Magic Wand.   -Cass